How to Compete with Teammates

How to Complete with Teammates Football

Overcome the Fear of Competition When you are battling for a position on your team, are you confident and welcome the competition? So many football players shy away from internal competition. Why? The reason players are hesitant to compete for the same position is fear. The fear of being outplayed sends a negative message to … Read More

Coping After a Tough Loss

Coping Mindset football

Focus your Mind on What is Next How long does a tough loss affect you? Some athletes can get over a loss quickly and shift their focus to the next competition. Other athletes dwell on bad games or performances; “I can’t believe I choked,” “I let my team down again,” or “We should have easily … Read More

Mental Toughness Test in Football

Mental Toughness Test in Football

Maintaining Your Level of Performance What is your mindset after your team is down late in a football game? Do you fear losing? Or do you have a mentally tough mindset throughout a game? Your answer to these questions is an indication of your mindset… When you have a mindset based on fear, you will … Read More

Mindset for Game-Time Pressures

Mindset and Dealing with Game Time Pressure

Maintaining Composure Under Pressure “Why do I always choke under pressure?” Have you had similar thoughts during your career or a game? Fear of choking causes choking. For example, when you worry about choking, you put more pressure on yourself to make big plays. When the game is on the line, pressure increases further, making … Read More

How to be a Great Team Player

How to be a Great Team Player in Football

Athlete Who Focus on Statistics vs. Team Goals How important are personal statistics when you play a football game?  Do you focus primarily on personal statistics (outcomes goals), or do you focus on your assignment on the field during the current play (process goals)? Your mindset or how you approach a game is as vital … Read More

Leadership Mindset and Qualities for a Football Team

Leadership and Football

Communicating Effectively to the Team What qualities characterize an effective leader or captain? If you were to list the qualities of an effective team captain, you would probably include: Many times, our idea of how a team captain should act doesn’t match the attitude or behaviors of the team’s captain. See if you can identify … Read More