How Football Players Get Confidence

How to Complete with Teammates Football

How Do You Define Confidence? Self-confidence is defined as the belief in you ability to execute your football skills in games. Unfortunately, confidence can be fragile for many athletes–meaning it can up and down with every play. Mistakes can lead to slight doubts and these doubts undermine your self-confidence. Bad players, bad games, can cause … Read More

Mental Preparation for Football Players

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How To Mentally Prepare Peak performance in football comes from top mental and physical preparation. Consistent peak performance is the result of consistent mental preparation. To mental preparation shouldn’t be reserved for only the most important competitions during a season, yet many athletes prepare for regular season competitions differently than championship competitions. Mental preparation should … Read More

Nick Saban’s Approach to The Mental Game

Dealing with Distractions in Football

Present-Moment Focus or Future-Focus? What exactly do these terms mean when playing football? These two terms are talked about quite often in football. They are also referenced as focusing on the process or focusing on outcomes. A present moment focus or process focus refers to immersing yourself in what is happening right now–the current play … Read More