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Learn practical, proven mental game strategies to improve your football performance in games. Get expert football psychology coaching from top mental coaches.

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Learn the secrets to perform like a champion with one-on-one mental game coaching or team seminars. Learn proven mental strategies for mental toughness in football.

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In this program, you’ll learn the top eight mental game lessons for football players – the same strategies we teach to one-on-one athletes we coach on the mental game.

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Read football psychology articles to improve your mental game. Discover the mental strategies pros use to have stable confidence, stay focused, and composure.

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“Dr. Cohn, I can definitely tell my mental state has improved from before we started working. I’m feeling great mentally and playing well in practice. I will definitely stay in touch.”

~Kevin Davidson, Collegiate Quarterback

“After using your pre-kick routine, I was perfect on three field goals on a muddy field and a windy day in my final college game. Now I am entertaining the idea of trying to enter the professional ranks. Thank you for your help!”

~Nate Littlefield, Collegiate Kicker

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